Visa Black Card

The Visa Black credit card was launched in 2008 to cater to high net worth individuals.  This black card offers its members access to its 24 hour concierge service, cash back rewards program, worldwide acceptance, and other exclusive offers.  The concierge service offers a wide variety of services including entertainment planning, business services, gift arrangement, travel information and assistance.

All Black card members also receive access to the Travel Lounge Priority Pass.  The Travel Lounge Priority Pass is the largest airport VIP lounge program, which gives complimentary access to more than 600 luxury airport lounges across the world.  It offers a quiet and comfortable place to escape from the crowds of the departure hall. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you will find all that you need to relax before your trip ahead in a luxury airport lounge. Some benefits of airport lounges are outlined below:
∑  Airport lounge access regardless of class of ticket or airline you are traveling with

   ∑  You can take a guest in to a lounge with you

   ∑  Wi-Fi

   ∑  Computer access

   ∑  Conference rooms

   ∑  Complimentary newspapers and magazines

   ∑  Space, comfort and quiet to catch up on work, prepare for your activities ahead or stay in touch with the office

Complimentary drinks and snacks

   ∑  Entertainment facilities

   ∑  Showers, beds and more.

With increased security and delays at today's airports, an oasis away from the chaos is exactly what you need in order to relax and prepare for your travels ahead.
There is no credit limit on the Visa Black card. since it is strictly for the elite, high net worth individuals.  Not many cards are on the market that offer this type of offer, but at the same time not everyone can gain access to this card. 
In order to qualify for a black card, you must meet the below black card requirements:

1.  Applicants must have a credit score in the high 700ís range at the minimum.  Many of its members will have a credit score of 800+.  There are exceptions, especially if your net worth is extremely high.

2.  Average household income needs to be $100,000 or more.

3.  Prospective members must currently spend at least $50,000 a year on current credit cards.

4.  Applicants need to have a net worth of $250,000 or more.

5.  Individuals should not carry a current balance on their current credit cards.  If there is a balance, then it should be exttremely low.

If you meet the above requirements, then you will have a very good chance on becoming a member for a Visa Black Card.  As you can see, the requirements are extremely high, but Visa set these high standards so only the elite can gain access to this program. 

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