The Black Card

The Black Card, also known as the Centurion Card, is still the most exclusive and elusive credit card in the world.  The Centurion Black Card is by Invite Only   There's no online credit card application and you won’t be able to call to request for the black card.  The Black Card requirements that potential members must are extremely high and even if a person does meet all the requirements, does still not guarantee that theyt will be admitted. 

There is a one-time initiation fee of $5,000 billed to all new Centurion accounts. This one-time fee is well worth every penny if you can afford it, since you will have access to exclusive benefits, which include access to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week as well as exclusive culinary and cultural events around the world. Black Card holders also receive a 24-hour concierge service that is available to only Black cardholders.  The Black Card Concierge service will assist you in travel planning, special requests, and other luxury services that are only offered to Black Card members.
Each year the annual fee to have the AMEX black card is $2,500. This may seem like a high fee, but you also receive all the amazing exclusive benefits not seen at any other credit card company.  The AMEX Black Card has, by far, the most expensive annual fee, but that is due to all the exclusive benefits that its members receive.  The $2,500 annual membership is a small price to pay when considering all the luxurious services its members receive.

Centurion Black Card members receive a special Black Card welcome kit that includes your exclusive Black Card, a welcome letter outlining all the benefits that are at your disposal, 24-hour concierge service packet that includes all exclusive black card contact information.  Below is a video showing a Black Card member opening his Black Card Welcom Kit.
Black Card Requirements