Luxury Credit Cards

If you are accustom to living the Jet Set lifestyle and love getting noticed for your financial success and accomplishments then there is a little known status symbol that you might not have known about.  They’re called exclusive luxury cards and they’re available only to individuals with a high net worth, high credit score, low debt levels, and spends at least $100,000 - $250,000/year.  These luxury credit cards will give high net worth individuals access to exclusive events and services not seen with regular credit cards. 

You can show off your status with an exclusive luxury cards that are only available to the elite class earners.  These cards make you instantly recognized beyond a shadow of a doubt that you're very well off financially.

The best luxury cards are most frequently referred to as "Black Cards,” such as the American Express Centurion Card or the Visa Black Card.  In order to qualify and receive a Black Card, you must receive an invitation to join.  American Express only sends invitations to their current Platinum American Express Card holders, who spend at least $250,000 a year on their card.  Visa will send an invitation to non Visa card holders, but they must spend at least $100,000 a year, have an excellent credit score, and carry a low credit balance.  Visa keeps the membership to this card very limited to keep it a very exclusive credit card.

The qualifications for the Black Card require you to earn a very healthy six figure income and you have to have a spotless credit history to qualify for this offer.

Once you receive this exclusive luxury credit card, you can expect to get the royal treatment everywhere you go, people in the service industry, especially at high end hotels and restaurants know what it means when you carry a luxury card such as either of the aforementioned black cards.

Besides the instant respect you get from being an exclusive luxury credit card holder you also get a built-in 24-hour concierge service to help you with all your business and personal travel bookings as well as your entertainment reservations such as restaurants, sporting events, shows and concert tickets. Only the best and most exclusive luxury credit cards can give you this personal concierge service.
Another important feature you get when you qualify for a black card offer is access to VIP airport lounges.   Even though you likely travel first class already which gives you airport lounge access, you know there are times when you're flying on a commuter jet that doesn't have a first class section but you'd love to be relaxing in the VIP first class lounge while you wait for your flight.  Black Cards give you access to the lounge when these situations arise.  These VIP Airport lounges are found in over 6,000 airports around the world and offer complimentary food and drink as well as private bathrooms.

As you can see, having an exclusive luxury black card offers many benefits that other cards just can’t offer.  Having access to a 24-hour concierge service or receiving offers for only Black Card members is a luxury only offered through the Black Card.  Many people will try to get the Black Card, but only a few will succeed since these cards are so exclusive.

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