Instructions on How to Get a Centurion Credit Card

1.  Check your credit score to determine if you have very good to excellent credit.

2.  Have at least $250,000 yearly expenses, since the minimum amount Centurion Card holders have to spend each year is $250,000 to keep their Centurion status.

3.  Complete and submit an American Express Platinum credit card application.  You must show that you can spend at least $250,000 per year with a Platinum card before being upgraded to Centurion.

4.  Depending on your credit limit, max out your limit and pay off immediately until you reach $250,000 for the year.  Example, if you have a $50,000 limit then you will want to max your $50,000 five separate times and pay off the balance immediately until you spend $250,000. 
5.  After you’ve spent at least $250,000 on your platinum credit card, contact AMEX customer service and request to be upgraded to Centurion.

6.  The AMEX customer service team will review your account to see that you have spent at least $250,000 per month and were able to pay off all balances immediately. 

7.  Once accepted, you will receive an AMEX Centurion Welcome package with lots of luxurious goodies, perks, and special offers.

8.Continue to spend $250,000 per year to stay a Centurion cardholder.  If your spending drops below the minimum then you will be requested to downgrade back to the AMEX platinum credit card.
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