Exclusive Credit Card Requirements

Two things are needed to get an exclusive credit card:

1.  High Net Worth / Income
2.  High Credit Score

Credit card companies just don’t give exclusive credit cards to anyone.  You have to earn it per se.  Exclusive cardholders must have both a high net worth and a credit score in the 700-800+ range to even be considered.  We’ve outlined below some very useful tips and suggestions for you to improve the two requirements needed to gain an exclusive credit card. 

Increase your Net Worth

Start investing and saving money.  Investments include Stocks, Bonds, and Money Market accounts.

Create and maintain a profitable business.

Obtain a high-income level paying position; preferably Executive Management position.  CEO (Chief Executive Officers), COO (Chief Operating Officer), and CFO (Chief Financial Officer) all have high incomes.

Increase your Credit Score

Pay your monthly payments on time.  This shows that you are responsible.

Pay more than the minimum monthly payments.  This shows the credit rating agencies that you can afford to pay more then the minimum.

Clear up any outstanding past due payments that are past due.  This shows creditors that you want to clear up your past mistakes.

Increase your income to improve your income to debt ratio.  The larger your income, the less risk you are to borrow additional debt.

Exclusive Credit Cards

Please remember that many exclusive credit cards have no credit limit, so the credit card companies want to make sure you are a very responsible borrower.  No credit limit means that you have the opportunity to purchase whatever you want without anyone ever questioning your purchases.  If you’ve got the income and credit score then your passport to luxury awaits. 
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