Chase Palladium Credit Card

The Palladium Black Card is offered through Chase bank and is only available for ultra-high net worth clients of JP Morgan with holdings in excess of $25 Million in liquid assets.  Much like the Amex Black Card, the palladium card offers many exclusive gifts to its members that arenít found with the regular credit card companies.  Having your own concierge for any purchase, trips to overseas, Lounge Club, and exclusive parties are just a few gifts that the Palladium Black Card offers.

For those with the JP Morgan Palladium, additional perks and benefits will be offered on Marquis Jet, including a free hour of flight time with the purchase of your first 25-hour jet card. To put that in perspective, the value of that exclusive Palladium card benefit ranges from $5,716 to $14,716!
JP Morgan / Chase Bank offered this card in 2009 to cater to their ultra-high net worth base.  The Palladium card is the first US credit card with a smart chip and is made out of a trace amount of palladium metal mixture (mostly copper) with the cardholder's information laser etched.

A key difference between the Centurion Card and the Palladium Card is that the Amex Black Card is by invitation only whereas the Palladium Card requires a private banking relationship with Chase in order to be eligible to apply.

The JP Morgan Palladium Card has no preset spending limit. Something unique it offers (that the Centurion doesnít) is that cardmembers have the option to revolve a portion of their balance if they prefer not to pay in full each month. 
Black Card Requirements