Black Credit Card No Limit

The AMEX Centurion Black Card does not have a credit limit, which means Black Cardholders donít have to worry about, ďmaxing out,Ē their credit card.  Most Black Cardholders are business owners or entertainers that use their Black Card for all of their monthly expenditures.  These indivudals have a history of spending at least $250,000 a year or $20,833 a month and usually pay their bill the following month with a zero debt balance. 

It has been reported that many politicians, singers, and sports athletes have a black card.  Most Black Card members are business owners that use their credit card to pay for all expenses.  Regardless of the profession, the Black Card is used for actual business expenses, which include any overhead expenses, travel, food, entertainment, and payroll. 
Most members purchase items or pay bills that are considered a necessity. 
Having a Black Card is a status symbol, since it is highly exclusive, especially the AMEX Centurion Black Card.  American Express was the founder of the Black Card, which was at first a myth in the early 1990ís.  At the time, many people heard about the Black Card, but not many actually had this card.  Then once American Express actually confirmed that there was actually a Black Card that they offered to their most exclusive clients, everyone wanted one.

Visa then introduced their own version of the Black Card, which has been reported by multiple sources that there is an extremely high credit limit.  Most people that have the card would never know that there is a credit limit because it is so high.  Visa began offering their version of the Black Card to cater to the high net worth clients.  These clients usually spend at least $100,000 a year and can afford to pay their credit card bill in full on a monthly basis.
Mastercard also does offer a Black Card that does not have a credit limit.  They formed an exclusive partnership with Saks Firth Avenue to form the World Elite Credit Card.  This card does not have a credit limit, so cardholders can spend at will.  In order to qualify for this credit card, potential members must spend at least $250,000 a year.

Even though all three credit cards do not have a credit limit, itís important to remember that the cardholders usually can pay of their credit card balance in full.  These are not considered high risk credit card applicants and usually make at least $100,000/year minimum.  Most of these cardholders make much more, like in the $1 Million or more range.

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