Black Card Invitation

If you want to receive a Black Card invitation then you will have to meet the black card requirements that weíve outlined. 

For the Centurion Black card, you must currently hold a AMEX platinum card and spend at least $250,000 per year.  All payments must be made on-time and paid in full during the next pay period.  Once youíve met the Centurion Black Card requirements, then you can call the AMEX customer care team and request to be upgraded from Platinum to Centurion member status.  Itís recommended that you have the Platinum for at least one year before requesting for the Centurion.  This will allow the AMEX customer service group to see a well-maintained account history to determine if youíre a good candidate.
The Visa Black Card takes a different approach for their Black Card invitation process.  Most members will receive an invitation by mail indicating that they have been selected to become a Black Card Cardholder.  It is not required for individuals to have a Barclays credit card prior to become a Black Card member.  Prospective clients must complete an application either online or by the paper form that is provided.  If the online application is completed then you will receive an acceptance response much faster.  Once you are accepted then you will be requested to pay the $500 initiation fee the following month.  If you have accepted the offer, but decide you no longer want the card, you have 30 days to call their customer service team to cancel the offer.

The Black Mastercard that is offered through Saks Fifth and Ameriprise is available by invitation only as well.  Both Saks Fifth and Ameriprise will send out a Black Card offer letter to prospective members asking if they are interested in upgrading their credit card to Black status.  Itís important to keep a well-maintained account with a high credit score to be considered for a Mastercard Black Card invitation.
Whether itís Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, receiving an invitation to become a Black Card member is a big deal.  Many members will be able to take advantage of travel perks and exclusive Black Card member events.  Members will also receive a personal concierge that can assist them in any purchases.  Whatever the case, having a black card can help make the status of your life much better.
Black Card Requirements