Black Card Credit Score

The American Express Centurion Credit Card, also known as the “Black Card,” is for the ultra exclusive crowd that must spend at least $250,000 annually and pay a $2,500 yearly membership fee.  Many people want this card, but only a few will meet the credit score requirements.  Applicants that qualify for an American Express Centurion must have at least a 720 credit score.  This score is considered an excellent credit score rating.  If you hold a score of 720 or higher, spend at least $250,000 annually, and spend the membership fee of $2,500 then you may be on your way towards an Amex Centurion Black Card offer.

The Visa Black Card offered through Barclays is another exclusive credit card that is available to a select few.  This card requires applicants to have a good credit score and pay an annual membership fee of $500.  What is considered a good credit score to qualify for a Visa Black Card?  Well, any credit score that is 680 or higher will qualify applicants for a Vista Black Card.  The Visa Black Card is not as exclusive as the Amex Centurion, but it offers some great member benefits, such as:

Personal Concierge
Luxurious Quarterly Gifts
Reward Points that can be used towards vacations and cash back
Online Access to Credit Card Account
Even though you may qualify for a Visa Black Card with an average credit score, your credit limit may not be so high.  It is true that some Visa Black Card members will only have a $5,000 credit limit, especially if they have other credit cards with high limits.  The higher your credit score, the more likely you’ll have a high credit limit.  We’ve seen some members receive up to $25,000 credit limit, which is similar to the Amex Platinum credit card.

Other Black Cards, such as the Mastercard World Elite, Visa Signature, or Chase Palladium, all require card members to have an excellent credit score.  Having a high credit score will improve your chances of getting an exclusive credit card that very few actually have.  If you’re interested in any one of the exclusive credit cards offers to the select few, you should pull your credit score to determine if you are eligible.  There are many companies online that will pull your credit score for FREE without any commitments.  Knowing your credit score will help you determine if you are a good candidate to receive an exclusive credit card offer.
Black Card Requirements