Black Card Annual Fee

AMEX Centurion Annual Fee

The American Express Centurion card, also known as the AMEX Black Card, has multiple fees that members must pay each year to carry such a card.  The following AMEX Black Card annual fees apply to all members:

One-time $5,000 initiation fee that first-time members must pay to become a centurion member.

Annual $2,500 fee to continue to stay a centurion member after the first year

An additional $1,700 for each new card member added to a Centurion account.

As you can see, it is very expensive to become and stay a Centurion member, but if you have an income that supports $250,000 minimum spending to stay a member then these numbers shouldn’t impact your overall net worth.
Visa Black Card Annual Fee

The Visa Black card also has an annual fee of $500, but does not have an initiation fee.  Members that would like to have additional members added to their account must pay $175 per new account / year. 

Visa Black Card members have the opportunity to have their $500 annual membership waived for that particular year by calling their customer service concierge phone line and indicating that they are considering canceling their Visa Black card.  The concierges will more than likely offer to cancel the $500 annual fee for that particular year if you continue to stay on as a client.

Why an annual fee for a Black Card

To become a member to an ultra privilege credit card means you must have some serious net worth.  Most high net worth individuals don’t think twice about the annual fees because they can afford nearly anything they want.  Have a black card means two things:

1. Members have an ultra-high net worth
2. Members spend at least $250,000 / annually on their credit card

Very few people actually have the above two requirements and the ones that meet them can easily pay the requested annual membership fees.
Black Card Requirements