Barclays Black Card

Barclays is the official bank that issues the Visa Black Card.  The Visa Black Card is an exclusive invite only credit card that offers benefits and other high profile gifts to its members.  Barclays has indicated that they will only offer the black card to 1% of the US population.  Barclays is extremely selective on who they want to be part of the Black Card program, mainly to make sure they services remain at a high quality level. 

In order to qualify for the black card, Barclays requests that you meet a series of requirements.  As you will see, these requirements are extremely high and not many people are eligible.

Along with the high customer service, many members are able to attend exclusive events and receive VIP benefits.  Members will be able to use the Airport VIP Lounge area found in nearly 600 Airports around the round.  These VIP Lounges offer a quiet atmosphere with complimentary food and drink while you await your travel.  Members are also about the take advantage of their 24-hour concierge service.  This service can purchase hard-to-find event tickets, find restaurants in your area, and even plan an entire trip for you within minutes.

As you can see, Barclays is competing with American Express Centurion credit card for the high-end exclusive credit card market.  They’re requirements may be extremely high, but once you’re a member then you can receive a level of customer service and exclusive benefits that will definitely impress you.  If you receive a Visa Black Card from Barclays then you must be doing something good.
Black Card Requirements